Friday, February 18, 2011

For Better or For Worse

Let me start out by apologizing.  I managed to mismanage Miss-Managing Mary.  Applause goes out to all of those who have the ability to blog consistently.  I'd like to blame my lack of blogging on my mismanagement of life circumstances, but without my life circumstances, I'd have nothing to blog about.

Circumstances has left me without a vehicle to call my own.  My Ford Windstar, after 11 years of dutiful service, was recalled and determined to be unfixable.  I can't complain about Ford.  They did a good job of notifying us of the recall, giving us a loaner, then paying more than book value once there was no hope in fixing it.  Honestly, the time was long overdue to dump the stereotypical "Mom Mobile."  This was the perfect excuse to upgrade to something a little more sporty.  However...after much consideration...I WANT MY VAN BACK.  I miss it.  It was comfy.  It was cozy.  Most importantly, it was PAID OFF.

We are trying to do our part to buy American.  A potential prospect is the new, re-designed Ford Explorer....if only Ford can make enough for me to actually test drive one.   Apparently, they are in limited production and there is not a single 2011 Explorer to be found.  Another contender is the Ford Flex.  Beside being a little higher than our price range, it looks haunting familiar to the "Family Truckster" from National Lampoon's Vacation.  Ok....maybe a little larger than Chevy Chase's Truckster, but certainly "Truckster-ish."   All that's missing is the simulated wood-grain panels. 

Car shopping has unfortunately been put off due to my husband coming down with the flu. 

Whenever I am sick, I don't want anyone near me.  Don't talk to me.  Don't bother me to ask if I'm ok.  Don't ask me if I need anything.  Just leave me alone in a dark room and check in every once in a while to see if I'm still breathing.  My husband, on the other hand, expects me to transform into Florence Nightingale.  He uses the intercom feature on our phones to pester me every 15-20 minutes.  I hear the ring and think, "Ugh...What is it now?" 

He'll repeat over and over, "Mary, feel my fore head.  Do I have a fever?" 

Do I have to touch him?  Is that a legal requirement of the "in sickness and in health clause" somebody snuck in our marriage vows? 

Lucky for him, he has our daughter who is more than willing to wait on Daddy, hand and foot.  She loves serving him trays of soup or tea.  She fluffs his pillows and brings him extra blankets.  She even sits at his feet reading stories.  Naturally, two days later, she has the flu.  So guess who gets to wait on her?

"Mommy?  Do I have a fever?"

Stay happy and healthy and, if possible, don't touch people with the flu.