Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day

The storm left us with 8 inches of snow.  On top of a storm earlier this week, our snow totals are....Well....A Lot.  We are a fickle bunch here in New Jersey.  We will tell you we like it here because we can experience all four seasons.  We are also the first to complain about the weather.  We huddle up in houses and wait till every last flake is melted.  In up-state New York, where my sister lives, they know how to embrace winter.  They enjoy getting out in it.  They look forward to snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating, you name it.  Personally, I'd rather be at the beach.

The worse aspect of the snow is shoveling it.  I hate shoveling snow.  I manage to wiggle out most of the time.  My husband had the nerve to be annoyed with me during the last storm....all because he came home from a long days work with a hellish commute to find 6 inches of snow in his driveway.   In my mind, snow removal is his job.  Doesn’t he know that’s why I got married? 

All kidding aside, I do feel guilty.  I didn’t even consider helping him out by shoveling.  This time, I made sure to pitch in.  The kids were home from school, so we had plenty of hands.  Teamwork is key.  We cleared the driveway, sidewalk, and both cars within an hour.  I was especially proud to see my two sons help a neighbor who is an older woman living alone. 

Managing meals today was disappointing.  I looked for “Quick” foods.  In a 24-hour period, I managed to make for my husband; nachos with ground meat, egg sandwiches with bacon, and an Italian sub.  When I asked Dan if he wanted chicken wings, his response was...”Am I on the TGIFriday’s diet now?  Look at me....the preachy one about eating healthy.  

We ended our snow day with the Nutrimirror Bowl.  My friend Jessica, who I know through Nutrimirror, (a site dedicated to eating healthy,) connected over the Xbox to play Kinect Sports.  We had a blast competing in different sporting events.  We even spent time video chatting.  Video chat is an interesting thing.  Christmas morning, I stepped in to my family room to find my son’s friend looking at me through the TV.  When the initial shock wore off, and I confirmed I was completely dressed, it was comforting to see his house was as messy as ours.

I suddenly feel like Mrs. Jetson.

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  1. Thats so funny! My luck, I would be stunting his growth with the sock of an old wrinkled lady cutting across the room in her granny panties...